Edulink Homework is a Moodle Block that streamlines the process of managing assignments by simplifying the way teachers set, view and mark their student’s homework. For Overnet Data customers, the Block integrates with all other aspects of your install, meaning data is automatically synced across classes and homework updates can be sent to parents, but the great news is, anyone with Moodle can install the plugin for free by downloading it from by clicking here.

The Edulink Homework Moodle Block provides benefits not just for the teachers but also the students, school and parents too.

For teachers

  • Plan and set homework ahead of time and upload all supporting documents that students will require to complete the homework

  • Save time by generating comprehensive homework reports instantly, allowing you to monitor and understand both class and individual student’s progress

  • View an overview report of grades for the group as a whole, which can be downloaded as a XLS or CSV file

  • Drill down by student to view the submission status, duration, feedback and grade of homework

  • Homework set for classes can be viewed as a summary list. For users with an Overnet Data subscription, homework can be viewed as a colour-coded timetable to enable quick identification of classes which have homework set, no homework or homework due


For schools

  • Staff usage reports can be viewed to ensure that all staff are using the resource

  • Provides evidence of homework setting and feedback as detailed in the OFSTED framework


For students

  • With all homework deadlines, details and supporting documents online, there’ll be no more missed or forgotten homework

  • Homework submitted in Moodle is automatically recorded as done

  • Static homework that needs to be submitted outside of Moodle can be manually recorded as completed


For parents

  • For users with an Overnet Data subscription which includes Edulink Communicator, there is an option to notify parents with an email update when new homework is posted


To improve your homework management, download Edulink Homework from by clicking here.

Why not take a look at our Edulink for Moodle which allows the automated provisioning of students, teachers and classes within Homework Block or our Edulink Communicator which allows you to notify parents or homework updates?

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