Edulink One announces integration with Bromcom

Posted by Amelia Boldero, 17th June 2024

Edulink One is thrilled to announce its seamless integration with the UK’s popular cloud-based MIS, Bromcom. This integration allows Bromcom users to access the full range of Edulink One’s much-loved features, enhancing engagement, centralising administration, and improving teaching efficiency throughout schools.

With this integration, Bromcom users can now take advantage of one of Edulink One’s most popular feature, the user-friendly and easily accessible parent and student app! Designed to enhance engagement, the app offers a hub for an array of important information including exam results, timetables, and digital forms. To level-up parent/ student communication, Bromcom customers will have access to 5,000 free texts per year as well as emails, and push notifications plus the option for two-way communication, ensuring that critical information is shared and received quickly. Parents particularly love Edulink One’s parent app due to its clear design, and simple navigation, meaning that any information they need can be swiftly accessed.

Edulink One also streamlines administrative tasks with features such as data collection, detailed analytics- including attendance, as well as remote, instant access to student information and SEND. These features not only simplify administrative workload for staff by reducing time spent on manual tasks but significantly enhances data accuracy and accessibility.

For teaching staff, this integration brings significant advantages. Teachers can now complete registers, manage student behaviour and achievements, track absences and even organise parents’ evenings and clubs from any device, anywhere in through a centralised dashboard! The flexibility of Edulink One’s teaching features allows for educators to manage their day-to-day more efficiently, providing them with more time to focus on student learning and development.

Due to this new integration with Bromcom, activities and updates inputted into Edulink One will seamlessly writeback to the MIS system, ensuring that all data remains up-to-date and consistent across both platforms. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and reduces the risk of errors, creating a more efficient and reliable solution for schools.

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“I am beyond excited to offer Bromcom users the enhanced functionality that Edulink One provides. This integration is a significant step towards streamlining school management and improving engagement between staff, parents and students.”

Anthony Wright, CEO, Overnet Data LTD

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