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Extract Data On-Demand From A School's MIS Today...

EduLink Integrator provides our partners: software publishers, local authorities and academy school chains with secure, on-demand MIS data extraction services from multiple schools simultaneously.

Live Direct Data Connection To Schools

EduLink Integrator provides a live direct data connection between your software platform and your group of schools. You benefit from:

Better performance

Reduced scope for faults

Faster fault finding with our built in diagnostics

What Data Can I Extract?

The answer is virtually everything, but here is a summary of the most popular extracts:

School details

Student information including photos

Staff information

Parental contact information

Year, tutor, teaching and community groups




EduLink Integrator Server

How it works

The EduLink Integrator Server runs on hardware within the partner’s infrastructure and is fully managed by Overnet Data. The service can run within a VM environment.

EduLink Agent

The Agent runs as a program on each school’s network. It connects to the school’s MIS and to every partner that the school is providing data to. The Agent provides the school with status information about the connection to the 

school’s MIS as well as detailed status information about every partner’s connection.

EduLink Installer

Every partner is provided with their own Installer.  When they sign up a new school, they ask the school to download and run their Installer. When run it first checks to see if the Agent is installed, and if not downloads and installs it.

Once the Agent is successfully installed, it configures a connection to the partner’s

Integrator Server from the Agent and takes the school

through the installation and

setup process.

Your gateway to sharing school information

Edulink Integrator

How does Integrator Compare

The system maintains a direct link between the partner and the school and gives the school full control over what information they make available to the partner. This includes purging data held by third parties and initiating cache refreshes.

Zero start-up cost and lower on-going fees

Live direct data connection between the partner and the school for better performance

We manage the data sharing agreement with the school, as well as ensuring compliance

You have full control of year end data roll forward

Integrate with real school data in just 30 minutes!

"EduLink Integrator is transforming how MIS data is shared with 3rd parties, giving all stakeholders involved total peace of mind that this is being done securely and trouble free.”

Anthony Wright, Founder of Overnet Data


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