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Managed VLE

Moodle is an open-source web based virtual learning platform used by over 67 million users in 235 countries worldwide. Moodle allows teachers to create dynamic online courses and upload content for their students. They can easily create assignments and quizzes and it offers a range of collaboration tools such as forums, wikis and surveys. Moodle has a large and active community surrounding it with many third party plugins available, and it’s open-source so there is no vendor lock-in.

We offer a full range of services including support, tailored consultancy and training packages as well as customised theme design and hosting. We specialise in on-site managed deployments where we deploy and manage your Moodle on your premises. It runs on your hardware on your network but we’re responsible for managing it.

Installation is quick and simple, we can migrate your data from an existing system and upgrade you to the latest version of Moodle.

Onsite Managed VLE

We recommend an on-site installation when the majority of your Moodle activity comes from users at the same site or you want to integrate with local services. This is likely to be the case for most schools and colleges.

Faster page loads and video streaming

Works if your internet connection fails

Your data on your hardware at your site

By hosting on-site you get all the benefits that a local network connection brings. This includes pages loading substantially faster and faster video streaming. It reduces traffic on your internet connection and if your internet connection fails you can still access Moodle. Integrating with other local services is easy, which makes Moodle more effective. For example, you can integrate with Active Directory to use your network password to login to Moodle, make network file shares accessible through Moodle, and expose student MIS data using EduLink for Moodle.

Your gateway to sharing school information

Geoff Worth,  Database Administrator, Pate's Grammar School

Pate’s Grammar School in Cheltenham has just shy of 1,100 students and is  a much-valued customer of Overnet Data. Geoff Worth’s role within the school’s IT team is looking after the database systems as an administrator, which includes SIMS and Moodle and everything that goes with it.

Steven Wainwright, Assistant Network Manager, Hertswood Academy

The school has used Moodle for a number of years, initially managing the entire system themselves. But once they found out about the option to upgrade  to Moodle 2 and the possibility of MIS integration, they decided to contract out to a managed Moodle service provider and Overnet Data was appointed. Steven joined Hertswood Academy 6 years ago and describes how Moodle was being used.

Built by  Moodle experts

Managed VLE
managed VLE

Our on-site managed Moodle service has been refined by working with hundreds of deployments since 2007. This experience has meant that we have found many quirks and configuration subtleties and have built solutions directly into the hosting platform. By having our experts manage your Moodle you get a high quality, well configured, professionally managed Moodle server without having to become a Moodle administration expert. You avoid the ongoing cost of having to regularly administer the installation, and you gain all the added benefits and features of our management infrastructure.

Built and configured by Moodle experts 

Staff can focus on the learning outcomes

and content

24/7 availability & performance monitoring

with SMS alerts

99.5% availability promise

Moodle and system support

Automatic bug fixes and updates

Off site backups

Direct control via multi-user web based management console

“Obviously the biggest advantage of Moodle is that it is

open source and free. It is entirely customisable, scalable and its development is driven by the community. Even as a managed onsite service, it is a significantly cheaper option compared to other proprietary learning platforms.

Teachers and students have easy access to teaching and learning resources online from home and in school. They can access Moodle on different devices – smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops. So, from home or in school, our users have got easy access to all the resources they need."


Nick Mallard, Senior ICT Technician, Wrenn School

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