Edulink One provides a fully comprehensive classroom seating plan tool, that will save teachers time, reduce administrative workload and help with differentiation.

Seating Plan Design

With an intuitive drag and drop interface, it only takes minutes to configure a classroom for each subject/ class. In 3 simple steps you will have visually data rich seating plan:


  1. Enter the dimensions of the classroom

  2. Drag and drop your desks into position

  3. Add and move your students into their seats


As it is so easy to make changes, in a few clicks you can rearrange seating by ability or resolve disruptive behaviour/ safeguarding issues.

Key Student Data

Your teachers will always be aware of key student data, such as their effort, current and predicted grades, as this information is clearly labelled by each student. This visual approach makes it easy to plan seating by student performance.


Each student is clearly labelled by key cohorts they belong to. So at a glance you can see on screen which students are SEN, pupil premium, gifted and talented etc.

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Get more for less with Edulink One


Seating plan management isn’t the only benefit of using Edulink One.  Edulink One is a comprehensive school engagement portal that transforms how teachers, parents and students engage and share  SIMS information, accessible anywhere on any device.


Edulink One allows you to take registers, message, manage behaviour, access a whole range of data held within SIMs and much, much more!

With all this, you can replace multiple existing IT systems - leading to cost savings.

Find out more about what Edulink One has to offer here.

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