Edulink One makes it easy for schools to collect contact information, student details and more from parents and staff in a digitally safe and secure way, that is GDPR compliant.  With SIMS write back, changes are updated in SIMS once reviewed and approved, saving on staff administration time and removing the risk of data entry errors.


Parents can update their contact and children details via the Edulink One app or web portal 24/7. But if you want to remind parents to do this, this is easily done with the accompanying Edulink One messaging tool.


In addition, we allow staff to update their own details, including car registration number.


Our digital solution saves on cost and time and most importantly, keeps sensitive data accurate and secure! Going paperless removes all risks from handling pieces of paper with sensitive information on it.

Easy to request parents check their details

With our messaging system, it only takes a matter of minutes for staff to send a push notification, email or SMS message to parents, reminding them to check and update their contact details, as well as information held on their children. There is no need for costly letters to be printed and posted.

Make changes anytime

With our app or online portal, parents and staff can conveniently and easily update their details anytime.

Parents view and amend the following details about their children:

  • Preferred Forename

  • Preferred Surname

  • Emails

  • Telephones

  • Addresses

  • Travel Mode

  • Travel Route

  • Dietary Needs

  • Weekly Meal Pattern

  • Medical Practices

  • Medical Conditions

  • Disabilities

  • Ethnicity

  • First Language

  • Home Language

  • Religion

  • Nationality

  • Parental Consents

  • Other contacts

Review Changes and send to SIMS

Authorised staff can review the changes, including the previous details and what has been amended. Once reviewed,  they can write each change directly to SIMS, so the data is updated automatically. No need for double entry or copying and pasting data from one system to another. We make data collection and updating SIMS seamless and painless.

Get more for less with Edulink One


SIMS Data Collection Sheets isn’t the only benefit of using Edulink One.  Edulink One is a comprehensive school engagement portal that transforms how teachers, parents and students engage and share  SIMS information, accessible anywhere on any device.


Edulink One allows you to take registers, message, manage behaviour, access a whole range of data held within SIMs and much, much more!

With all this, you can replace multiple existing IT systems - leading to cost savings.

Find out more about what Edulink One has to offer here.

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