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October 8, 2017

Hi All 

We hope you have had a good summer and a great start to your new academic year, here we have been busy developing Edulink One and as a result have lots of new things to tell you about.

There are 3 big areas of completely new functionality since our last email

  1. Detention Management

  2. Room/Resource Booking

  3. Document Messaging


Detention Management:

Employees can now manage detentions this includes creating new sessions adding/removing students from newly created/existing sessions and marking student attendance at the detention.

To enable this login to the Edulink One configuration and select the Behaviour tab on their you will see the "Detention management enabled" option just set this to ON


This will give employees a new "Detention Management" menu item

There is also a new config option to show detention history for students this will appear as a new Tab in the behaviour section if enabled

you are able to select which user types have access to this tab

Room/Resource Booking:

We have now added a Room/Resource Booking system to Edulink One (if enabled this will be available to employees) to enable this login to the config for Edulink One, there is a new tab called "Resource Booking" 


Once enabled you will get a few additional options,

"Managers" these are employees who will have a range of additional options and capabilities in the UI these include - Adding additional Rooms/resources/periods/categories and removing anyone's bookings (not just there own)
"Hide Rooms" If you would like to hide some of the rooms being pulled from SIMS in the booking system then you can select here which ones should be hidden
"Restrict Future Booking" this is to restrict future bookings to a number of days from the current date so the default value is 21 which will not allow bookings which are more then 3 weeks in the future
"Restrict Past Bookings" we could not really see a reason you would want to book things in the past so this is enabled by default but if you do want to do this just turn it to "no"

Document Messaging:

This allows assigned employees the ability to bulk email reports home to parents again this will need enabling in the Edulink One config these settings can be found on the Documents tab

For assigned employees they will get a new menu item which will allow them to select which students they would like to email reports home for then a screen which allows them to ensure document matching is correct and to modify the email body/subject before a final screen which shows parents the system is able to email and an example of the email which will be sent

Improved functionality
We have also added a number of improvements to existing functionality


  • Homework - Manual Add: if homework is enabled employees now have the ability to set homework in Edulink One for students 

  • Cover on Timetable: we are now displaying staff cover on their timetables

  • Homework From SIMS: if you use the SIMS homework module to set homework in this information is now viewable in Edulink One

  • Register Tags: on Registers we are now displaying tags for students for things like SEN, Pupil Premium, G&T, EAL, if they have a medical condition and the number behaviour/achievement points they have recieved today

  • Custom recipients: You can now enter a custom contact when send message through Edulink One

  • My Classes: on various screens you were able to restrict student by class we have added a section to the top of this dropdown called "My Classes" which is the current employees classes so they don't have to scroll through everyone classes to find theirs

  • Mins late on register: you can now record how many mins late a student was on the register by clicking on the same icon you would for making a comment


Those of you with a keen eye will have spotted additional configuration options which we have not mentioned in this email, this is for functionality we are still testing these include parents evening booking, Viewing other employees timetables and data collection we will let you know as and when we have finished dev/testing of these features. 

As always we love feedback and suggestions on improvements.

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