Proprietary Integration Software

Overnet Data are official SIMS, Bromcom and Arbor integrator partners and we’ve developed our own speedy MIS integration software – Edulink Integrator – to enable us to communicate and writeback to your management information system.

Using our own software to integrate with your MIS means we’re able to immediately address any issues that may crop up.

Edulink One also integrates with a wide range of other systems, with more third party systems being added regularly. Get in touch if you’d like to enquire about a particular system.

Edulink MIS Integration-SIMS  Edulink MIS Integration-Bromcom        Edulink MIS Integration-Arbor



Key Benefits

  • School staff can take lesson and session registers from anywhere, on any device and Edulink One will automatically update your MIS
  • Saving hours of admin time by removing the need for manual input to ensure both systems are up-to-date and accurate
  • Data collection from parents will also update your MIS records once you have approved the change
  • Our secure integration offers continuity in the event of your cloud MIS being unavailable, minimising safeguarding concerns
  • Other features that ensure information is correct in both your MIS and Edulink One include behaviour and achievement, attendance, SEND, timetables, detentions, calendar and much more!

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