02 May 2024

The importance of celebrating achievement and tracking behaviour

Unlocking student success requires a comprehensive approach that seamlessly integrates effective communication, meaningful achievement recognition, as well as proactive behaviour management. These strategies not only acknowledge students’ efforts but also encourages a culture of growth and accountability when adopted by parents as well as school staff, no matter their job title.

Edulink One provides schools with a powerful tool to streamline the distribution of behaviour and achievement points and data, ensuring that parents, students and staff remain well-informed of progress whilst retaining control within the school.

In this blog we’ll explore the importance of tracking student behaviour and achievements. We’ll also consider the experience of one of Edulink One’s most valued schools, The Grey Coat Hospital, exploring how they utilise the platform to support the behaviour and achievement of their students.


Amplifying achievement with effortless recognition

Recent studies have highlighted the profound impact of acknowledging students’ efforts and achievements. As indicated by Bliven and Jungbauer (2021)₁, such recognition not only serves as a catalyst for improved student performance but also plays a pivotal role in strengthening school retention rates and fostering overall academic success. By making a conscious effort to celebrate and share student accomplishments, schools are able to improve morale and motivation, encouraging a positive educational journey.

Edulink One enables schools to effortlessly recognise achievement from the app on any device, anywhere, ensuring that success is routinely acknowledged and celebrated. The platform allows for every success to be celebrated, whether it be a good grade on a test, active participation, or if a student has showed acts of kindness and respect to their peers.

Edulink One’s student app gives pupils the ability to access and reflect on their rewarded achievements via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop at any time of the day, instilling within them a sense of ownership of their progress.

Embracing the ethos of recognising and celebrating achievements is something that The Grey Coat Hospital do especially well, with the added assistance of Edulink One. With the help of the parent and student app, The Grey Coat Hospital have given their parents and students the opportunity to see the acknowledgement that has been awarded.

They revealed to us that there has been a keen interest from pupils in tracking the achievement rewarded by staff through Edulink One. The achievement initiatives The Grey Coat Hospital and other Edulink One users demonstrate, not only promotes a culture of appreciation but also encourages a positive relationship between students, parents and school staff.


Promoting accountability and growth through tracking behaviour

Effective behaviour management is an integral part of student development. In February 2024, the Department for Education₂ released a report suggesting that adopting clear methods of monitoring and evaluating behaviour, will assist schools with being able to report on incidents clearly and accurately.

By tracking behaviour patterns and proactively addressing challenges, schools can offer better support to students, guiding them towards a more positive educational journey in and out of the classroom. Creating an environment where students grasp the importance of accountability and take responsibility for their actions introduces constructive discipline, encouraging improved behaviour and engagement.

Edulink One streamlines behaviour tracking, enabling all school staff to effortlessly record and view student conduct, attendance records, callouts, detentions, and behaviour points from any location. The system acts as a centralised hub for monitoring and managing student behaviour, streamlining administrative processes and ensuring that all members of staff are equipped with the necessary tools to effectively address behaviour issues.

The Grey Coat Hospital experienced these benefits when they transitioned from recording behaviour via their management information system. Staff members in various positions at the school have praised the platform’s user-friendly dashboard, which simplifies navigation and reduces the time required for data entry and retrieval.

In addition, The Grey Coat Hospital have taken advantage of the ability to distribute sanctions from various devices, whether staff are working on laptops or work phones, which has significantly improved their efficiency. This flexibility enables staff to record behaviour incidents promptly regardless of location, thereby maximising the time available to address student actions effectively.

Additionally, The Grey Coat Hospital have found Edulink One’s callout feature to be invaluable for urgent assistance needs throughout the school. Staff can quickly summon extra help or alert colleagues to emerging situations, facilitating a coordinated response to behaviour related incidents. This feature enhances the overall safety and wellbeing of students and staff members alike and is one of Edulink One’s most-loved features.


Encouraging better behaviour with improved parental communication

The Department for Education report (2024)₂ highlights the importance of the role parents play in helping schools develop and maintain good behaviour:

“Schools should reinforce the whole-school approach by building and maintaining positive relationships with parents, for example, by keeping parents updated about their children’s behaviour.”

Implementing a system that allows for seamless communication about achievement and behaviour not only enhances transparency but also strengthens the bond between all stakeholders.

Edulink One’s student and parent apps assist with this interaction by offering real-time access to crucial data on both achievement and behaviour. This enables parents to celebrate their child’s successes, address concerns proactively, and take control of their level of involvement.

Edulink One enables schools to stay transparent and engaged with parents, however the platform also respects confidentiality. The system allows schools to share as much, or as little information about behaviour incidents with parents as they see fit. We have found that our schools appreciate this functionality, particularly in cases where multiple students are involved.

At The Grey Coat Hospital, the immediacy of behaviour notifications provided by Edulink One has proved extremely useful. Unlike other systems, Edulink One ensures that parents are instantly alerted about any behaviour points or detentions their child receives.

Whilst the school enables parents to view the staff member who has distributed the sanction, The Grey Coat Hospital have chosen to limit specific details from incidents. With the help of Edulink One, The Grey Coat Hospital are strengthening the engagement between school and home, creating a well-rounded support system for students focused on putting student growth and wellbeing at the heart of the their achievement policy.


Transforming behaviour and achievement through Edulink One

Edulink One is a powerful tool for streamlining achievement and behaviour tracking. Through effortless recognition, promoting accountability and fostering a culture of excellence, Edulink One empowers educators to create a positive learning environment where students can thrive. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, schools can celebrate success, promote transparency, and strengthen the partnership between home and school.

If you’re ready to take your school’s behaviour and achievement tracking to the next level, book a call with our team today where we can discuss how Edulink One can enhance student outcomes.

With thanks to Jennifer Morton, Assistant Headteacher, The Grey Coat Hospital



₁Bliven, A., & Jungbauer, M. (2021). The impact of student recognition of excellence to student outcome in a competency-based educational model. The Journal of Competency-Based Education, 6(4), 195-205.

₂Department for Education. (2024) Behaviour in schools. In Advice for headteachers and school staff: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/65ce3721e1bdec001a3221fe/Behaviour_in_schools_-_advice_for_headteachers_and_school_staff_Feb_2024.pdf

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