Key Benefits

  • Instantly communicate with parents, students and colleagues at an individual, group or whole school level.
  • Send messages via push notifications, email or SMS.
  • 2-way messaging allows parents and students to reply back to messages sent out by staff.
  • Accessible on any device for easy access 24/7 using the Edulink One app or a browser.
  • Create personal and school level message templates with merge fields.
  • Create groups on a user level, enabling targeting messaging.
  • Schedule messages in advance and easily see if messages have been read.
  • Set up automatic notifications such as homework reminders, detentions and missing registers.
  • Save on printing, postage and SMS costs by distributing letters, notices, forms and school reports electronically.
  • Reduce per message SMS costs by choosing your own SMS gateway (2-3p per SMS).

Messaging – Teacher View

Edulink One messaging is intuitive to use. Create, view and archive messages like a traditional email system. See how they were sent (SMS, email, push) and if they’ve been read.

Emailing your class or their parents/carers becomes a doddle. Personalise and tailor messages by creating templates using merge fields and build groups of contacts in a few clicks, whether it’s a whole year, a single parent or a group of colleagues. You can define your own regular contact groups and message templates for your own use, or make them available as school-wide options.

Set up messages in advance using the schedule function.

To get around the problem of some contacts not having the app or an email address, Edulink One’s school messaging system allows you to send an SMS instead. No mobile or email details? Export them and send a letter home so you can be confident your message will get there one way or the other.

Edulink One stores all messages as an audit trail and you can choose to log them in your MIS if needed. Simply archive messages you don’t need.

You can even set communication priority preferences and assign temporary contacts so that guardians receive school communications if the parents are away.


Messaging – Student and Parents View

Students and parents can create and view messages, just like staff, making it easy to improve engagement.

Returning homework is simple using the attachment option.

If you don’t want parents and/or students to contact staff directly, you can customise the messaging function, allowing them to reply to messages only.  You can specify reply addresses too.



Edulink One gives schools the ability to set automatic notifications to make school life run more smoothly.

Set up reminders for homework set and due, behaviour points, achievement points, detentions, room or resource bookings, missing registers, absences and forms requiring completion.

Notifications are received in the Messaging inbox so there’s no excuse for late homework anymore!


SMS providers

We don’t trap you into expensive SMS message costs. Edulink One’s school messaging system integrates with a range of providers so you can choose your supplier. Average costs tend to be 2-3p per message if you want a reply service.

If you’re not worried about a reply service, we integrate with GOV.UK Notify which gives schools 5k free messages each year and additional message costs of 2.27p per message plus VAT (pricing as at July 2024). Read how to integrate with GOV.UK Notify here.

We currently integrate with the following systems but please ask if you don’t see yours here.

  • Clicksend
  • GOV.UK Notify
  • Cosmic SMS
  • PageOne / Janet TXT
  • Teachers2Parents
  • ClickSMS

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Engagement features

Messaging isn’t the only feature of Edulink One! Edulink One is a comprehensive school engagement portal that transforms how teachers, parents and students engage and share SIMS information, accessible anywhere on any device. Edulink One allows you to take registers, record behaviour & achievement, manage parents evening bookings, access a whole range of data held within SIMS and much, much more!

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