Key Benefits

  • Assign dates, times and appointment lengths; select eligible parents and the teachers required.
  • Help your event run on time with intervals or by preventing consecutive bookings.
  • Instantly see any over-booked teachers and how many slots are required.
  • Block out periods if a teacher is unavailable or book double slots if you need more time.
  • Parents can book directly and add any questions they’d like to ask or raise any concerns in advance.
  • Manual booking option so staff can book appointments for parents if required.
  • Message a reminder to parents that haven’t yet made a booking.
  • Print timetables as well as view online/in the app for both parents and staff.
  • See event statistics and track attendance to help measure parental engagement levels.
  • Edulink One's parents' evening system offers great flexibility and functionality and often schools use this for managing other school events needing a timed booking system.

Parents’ Evening – Parent View

The parent booking view allows parents to make bookings at convenient times, view their timetable on the app and to print it if they want.

When parents make bookings they can leave a message for the teacher about anything in particular they’d like to discuss, helping you to encourage parental engagement.


Parents’ Evening – Set Up View

Customisable options make it easy to set up and amend your parent events in a way that suits your school and that keep your event running to time. Choose exactly which teachers to include and the students whose parents you want to invite, so you can tailor your event exactly to your requirements.

Edulink One lets staff block out periods, for example if you want a double session for a particular student or if the staff member won’t be available until later as they are running a club. Remind parents to book with messaging or assign appointments on their behalf if needed.


Parents’ Evening – Teacher View

View your timetable online and export for printing if you like to have a hard copy. See parent’s concerns so you can prepare in advance. Book appointments yourself and block out additional time for particular students if needed. Track parent attendance so you can help measure the success of your event and monitor engagement levels.


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Parents’ Evening isn’t the only feature of Edulink One! Edulink One is a comprehensive school engagement portal that transforms how teachers, parents and students engage and share SIMS information, accessible anywhere on any device. Edulink One allows you to take registers, record behaviour & achievement, communicate with parents and students, access a whole range of data held within SIMS and much, much more!

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