Rewards and achievement points can be added in bulk or individually, enabling you to quickly recognise the efforts of a group of students. Each time a student is rewarded, the record and any resulting positive points are written back to SIMS.



Adding behaviour records for students is quick and easy with Edulink One – perfect for supporting your behaviour management strategy. Each time a record is added, this is written back to SIMs, including any negative points.

As with Achievements, it’s simple to add behaviour for a group at a time, for example a whole class if they have been disruptive.



Managing detentions is easy simple: teachers and staff can set-up and manage detentions across the school, add learners and manage their attendance at detentions.


On Report

Get rid of paper report cards and track it all online with Edulink One. See immediately who’s on report when taking the register, complete with ease and it’s all written back to SIMS. No more missing report cards, allowing those closely monitoring behaviour to have real time oversight.

You can also choose to make the report card viewable to parents, encouraging greater engagement and insight.


Parent and Students

Students and Parents can immediately see achievements and behaviour. Choose if you want to set up notifications to students and parents and customise the setup to reflect your school’s reward and/or behaviour management policy.

Parents can drill down information in the behaviour section to see class attendance stats, detentions and any report cards. Giving access to this information can help improve parental engagement and improved engagement has been shown to improve the long-term outcomes for students.


Behaviour and Achievement Analytics

Drill down into your behaviour and achievement points data with Edulink One’s analytics reports. Perfect for SLT looking to understand trends and enabling them to address any potential issues.

Read more about Analytics here.


Key Benefits

  • Keeps teachers and parents abreast of how students are doing in class with achievement recognition, behaviour management and detentions.
  • Increases parental engagement.
  • Promotes positive behaviour.
  • Track students to pick up trends and identify how to support them.
  • Choose which elements to roll out to suit your school and how you set up your achievement awards.
  • Set up automatic notifications to staff and/or parents on achievements and behaviour.
  • Reduces administrative burden on teaching staff.
  • Writes back to your SIMS MIS.
  • Easily track students on report – no more paper report cards.
  • Export your behaviour and achievement data for custom reporting.

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Achievement and Behaviour isn’t the only feature of Edulink One! Edulink One is a comprehensive school engagement portal that transforms how teachers, parents and students engage and share SIMS information, accessible anywhere on any device. Edulink One allows you to take registers, message students and parents, manage parents evening bookings, access a whole range of data held within SIMS and much, much more!

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