Key Benefits

  • Set up a library of standard comments by subject and year.
  • Add grades one at a time or floodfill grades.
  • Add individual comments, select from your library or floodfill.
  • Export and download as a back-up reference.
  • Access marksheets anytime, anywhere via the app or web browser.
  • Improve engagement by sharing grades with students, parents and staff with the Assessments function.

Access to Marksheets

Teachers automatically have access to marksheets for their classes. You can also allocate permissions for key administrative staff to be able add marks for teachers too, helping to reduce teacher workload.


Comment Bank

The comment bank really makes life simple for teachers and saves time. It enables a range of standard comments to be created for each year and subject. When you update marksheets you can select comments from these libraries rather than copying and pasting similar comments. You can also add in variable fields so that the comments are tailored to the child and don’t look generic.

Your school can allocate comment bank administrators to help manage the library.


Completing Marksheets

You can tailor how you complete marksheets to work for each teacher. You have the option to add grades and comments one by one, floodfill grades, select comments from the comment bank and floodfill comments if you want too.

Save your work half way if you need a break and mark completed once done. You can even export the data if you need a local backup or want to print a hard copy.


Sharing Assessment Data

Giving access to assessment information can really help improve student and parental engagement.

Your school can choose to give parents, students or staff access to selected data using Edulink One’s assessment function.

The assessment function is a really powerful tool to generate a real-time report on performance data. It can show target grades, predicted grades and actual grades at different stages of the year allowing you to track performance and easily identify issues.


Build your Assessment Report

Your assessment report can show as little or as much as you like. We recommend your assessment or data manager builds your report as you need to understand your school’s marksheet templates and aspects in SIMS. As each school’s SIMS set up is different, we can’t provide you with a standard report but we will support you to set it up.

You can play around with building it, adding different data sets on target and achievement and amend at any stage. Choose to add conditional formatting, show text warnings or additional data in sub-grids so viewers can drill down more and see teacher comments. Assessments can also import grids if you have Managed VLE with Edulink for Moodle.

There’s a handy preview function too to help you build the report and test it in advance. To publish, simply select who can access it and when you want to publish.

Once set up, your school will experience how powerful having this information at your fingertips is and find new ways of working and improving student performance.


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