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Write Back with SIMS Integration

View Features

Messaging - email, SMS & push notifications

Take registers

View timetables

Assessment: update marksheets/ profiles

Classroom seating planner

SIMS data collection sheets

View cashless catering balances/ transactions

View attendance - lesson/ statutory

Review exams timetable & results

Record & view achievement/ behaviour

Lookup contacts

Access documents

View medical information

Review calendar

Add / edit / view homework

MIS integration with SIMS (other systems tbc)

Gateway to 3rd party web services with single sign-on

Multiple authentication sources including LDAP

Watch edulink one overview video below

Take Registers

Members of staff can quickly and easily take class registers and have the register written directly back to SIMS. The system supports both statutory and lesson level attendance and also offers support for cover supervisors. The register interface allows for the adding of behaviour and achievement, as well as easy identification of students who have detentions or are "On-Report".  Learn more

Complete Assessment Marksheets

Assessment marksheets can be completed by members of staff outside school as well as within school. Since completing marksheets can be a rather lengthy process, marksheets can be easily saved, so that in the event of a failure, a partially complete marksheet can be recovered with little or no data loss. Once completed the marksheets are written directly back to SIMS.


Behaviour and achievement records can be written directly to SIMS, either on an individual student basis, or for a group of students using bulk behaviour and bulk write back functions. Behaviour and achievement types are taken from SIMS, as are the number of points associated with each.  Learn more

Hosting & Data Security

Integrates with

Edulink One integrates with SIMS and a wide range of other systems, with more 3rd party systems being added regularly – please call for details.

Edulink One can be either cloud hosted or hosted within the schools infrastructure. Irrespective of your hosting preference, all data is encrypted and secured using the most up to date TLS 1.2 secure encryption technology.

Available on

IOS & Android


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